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1.     What are Black Weapons?
Black Weapons, also commonly known as the Black Rifle, encompasses a variety of tactical firearms that are available to citizens and law enforcement/military agencies.  The most common examples of the Black Rifle are the widely produced AR-15’s and AR-15 variants, the AK-47, M1 variants, civilian H&K rifles such as the SL8 and USC 45, the FN PS-90 and FS-2000, and many others.  Black Weapon pistols are generally semi-automatic magazine fed handguns that include examples such as the Colt 1911 and variants, Glock variants, H&K pistol variants, the Springfield XD, and the Sig P series variants.



2.     What is the difference between a Commercial and Mil-Spec Carbine Stock Tube?
Most civilian model AR-15's generally will come with a Commercial sized carbine stock tube from the factory.  Generally these tubes are 6-Position, whereas Mil-Spec tubes are normally 5-Position.  Dimensionally the size of the commercial tubes is slightly larger than a Mil-Spec tube.  With this being the case a Commercial stock will fit on a Mil-Spec tube, but will be slightly loose.  A Mil-Spec stock will not fit over a commercial size tube because of the difference in size.  Many manufacturers such as Command Arms, Magpul, and Vltor make stocks for both applications; however when buying complete assemblies the Command Arms CBST, for example, comes with a 6-Position Commercial tube, and the Vltor MOD and EMOD stocks come with a 5-Position Mil-Spec tube.


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